mGo - Self-Boarding Gate

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    • High passenger throughput speeds up boarding considerably
    • Seamless integration into all common airport IT infrastructures
    • Easy maintenance and retrofitting due to modular design
    • Configurable according to individual requirements
    • Maximum passenger safety due to Magnetic Safety Drive System MSDS® with low-energy drive
    • Designed for 10 000 000 opening and closing cycles
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Fast boarding pass check
mGo takes boarding pass checking to a new level. With intuitive operation, comprehensive monitoring and high reliability, a large number of travellers can be checked in the shortest possible time.

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Simple integration
Momentum® provides the hardware for the digital security architecture. The pedestrian gates can be equipped with all common readers and are therefore particularly easy to integrate into existing data processing and security systems.

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Innovative drive technology
The drive and control units are Magnetic’s core technology. With its low-energy approach, the Magnetic Safety Drive System MSDS® combines high efficiency and economical operation with maximum personal safety.

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Comprehensive customisation
Momentum® has a modular design and can therefore be flexibly adapted to the requirements on site – in terms of design and biometrics as well as integration into the airport building and its digital infrastructure.