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Immigration Gates

Pedestrian gate for identity checks

  • Kiểm soát hành khách giúp giảm tải nhân viên an ninh
  • Nhận dạng thông minh nhờ sinh trắc học và giấy tờ tùy thân
  • Thời gian kiểm tra ngắn phục vụ tốt cho số lượng lớn hành khách
  • Chi phí thấp nhờ công nghệ bảo trì hiệu quả, tiết kiệm
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For identity checks during arrival and departure 

Our automatic inspection system has been developed to considerably accelerate identity checks during arrival and departure at airports whilst increasing security through biometric inspection. The automation of identity checks relieves security staff from routine tasks, giving them more time for passengers who really need assistance. Low impact forces and sensitive sensors ensure maximum safety for users. The low-maintenance and energy-efficient drive unit also keeps costs down in the long term. Passport readers and scanners for fingerprints, iris patterns and facial recognition can be individually integrated as required.
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Examination of travel documents

The personal biometric data stored in the passport are read out on entering the Immigration Gate and can be compared with the databases of security authorities.

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Inspection of identity via biometrics

Biometric sensors inspect whether the data stored in the passport match those of the person in the Immigration Gate. Access is permitted when identity has been confirmed.

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Simple integration

Immigration Gates from Magnetic can be equipped with all common reading devices and interfaces. Thus integration in existing data processing and security architectures is particularly simple.