STS Technology Solutions Co., Ltd  is an official distributor of Magnectic Autocontrol of FAAC Group (FAAC-HUB-Magnetic Autocontrol) in Vietnam, specializing in providing equipment such as traffic barriers, traffic control posts (Bollards), pedestrian gates ... In addition, we also provide other equipment as required by each customer. Products are applied in construction projects with small to large scale such as toll plazas, buildings, commercial centers, airports, ports, schools, resorts, square ...
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MISSION & VISION           

In the past few years, the construction of toll plazas, office buildings, commercial centers, squares, factories ... has been growing, requiring high quality technical materials. STS promises to be a prestigious distributor and bring the best products, meeting all the essential requirements of the investors. In parallel with the quality of equipment, a technical team with extensive experience in the field of installation and maintenance, STS expects to bring absolute trust to customers who have been using our products and services.

CORE VALUES                  

Reputation: STS always fulfills its commitments and continuously strives to do better than expected to build trust for our customers.

Thorough: STS always maintains the business ethics, balancing the interests between Customers-Community and Enterprises

Innovation: STS always values and encourages creativity and enhances the spirit of learning in order to bring high-value products and services to customers.

Human: STS always respects its employees and considers it the most valuable asset, towards a friendly working environment, sharing responsibilities, experiences and encouraging dedication and creativity.

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The device is widely used and meets the indispensable requirements of the toll plazas. 

Widely used in commercial centers, airports, factories. 

It is an indispensable device for integration of security control solutions, advanced parking solutions, high-class security zones, etc. 
Reliability, product life and quality is appraised better than other competitors. 

Products and devices belonging to FAAC Group (including 3 major brands in the world: FAAC-HUB-Magnetic Autocontrol). Equipment and product are always renovated and upgraded to meet customer needs.